• Tobias Straube

Wie die Digitalisierung der deutschen Verwaltung gelingen kann

Dieser Frage gehen Tobias Straube, Lea Gimpel und Simone Carrier nach.

Wie kann es deutschen Verwaltungsmitarbeitern gelingen, Veränderungen für ein Verwaltungshandeln anzustoßen, das den Lebenswelten der Bürger/-innen angepasst ist?

Siehe hier.

  • Tobias Straube

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Written by Tobias Straube for the Blog of the Hult International Business School

Creating innovation in companies is more than just a set of management tools. Innovation management is only successful if the leadership is able to adapt its role; applying agile methods focused on tangible results; supporting and attracting certain personality traits of employees. If however, we understand innovation as a managerial approach in the narrow sense, then companies are likely to follow the same fate as some people on the Melanesian island.

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