Corporate Partners.

We know the importance of collaboration to achieve impact and to deliver value for our clients.

Our corporate partners cut across diverse domains of Information Technology and digital, having delivered world-class solutions for Monitoring and Evaluation, Digital Transformation, and Public Administration among others. With our corporate partner portfolio, we underpin our advisory services with the complementary strengths in IT programming and execution capabilities.

United Business Solutions

UBS Ltd. is a leading information technology and business consulting company based in Dubai, UAE. They specialize in M&E software solutions. Their portfolio of M&E software tools caters to NGOs, Governments, Regional Co-operation Bodies, Donors and Capacity Building Organisations.

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CO₂ Offsetting

Whenever possible Scio Network makes voluntary climate protection payments based on the amount of CO₂ emissions we create through our travels. Working through the German non-profit organization Atmosfair, we hope that our contribution will help developing renewable energy projects across the globe.