Innovation: We propose new products, services, and processes that solve problems or create opportunities for our clients. 

Human  Centricity: We keep the needs and aspirations of people at the center of our work and solutions. 

Impact: We implement with purpose and aim to deliver change towards sustainable development.


Diversity: We bring on-board different views and expertise to stimulate strategic thinking, fresh ideas and continuous learning. 


Sustainability: We plan our work to achieve impact that is socially, ecologically and economically durable.


We propose new products, services, and processes that solve problems or create opportunities for our clients.


We are a multi-cultural firm, composed of international development practitioners who are or were based in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. In 2019, we decided to join forces under the umbrella of Scio Network, to rethink traditional development cooperation and bridge the gap with emerging technology trends for societal good. We leverage a growing network of academic thought leaders, domain experts, and industry partners for developing cutting-edge solutions. 


While coming from different backgrounds - advising political institutions, academia and the private sector in fields of agriculture, public administration, higher education, and entrepreneurship - we share a common passion for exploring innovative approaches. Our aim is to expand our professional network by encouraging talented and dynamic professionals to join as Network Members and take the lead, while relying on strategic guidance from our Advisory Council composed of renowned experts.

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CO₂ Offsetting

Whenever possible Scio Network makes voluntary climate protection payments based on the amount of CO₂ emissions we create through our travels. Working through the German non-profit organization Atmosfair, we hope that our contribution will help developing renewable energy projects across the globe.